Moore To Weinsteins: “Yo, Gimme My Money!”

Monday, February 7 by

Michael Moore, for all the civic duties he takes upon himself, still wants to get paid at the end of the day. That may surprise some of you. What shouldn’t surprise anyone, ever is that the Weinsteins want to get paid as well. So what happens when you get them both arguing over money? A conflict that we wish would be resolved in a sumo ring, but will more than likely be resolved in a courtroom. Snooze.

The grounds for the lawsuit are about as dry as a cracker. When auditing his $200 million film Farenheit 9/11, he found that through “Hollywood’s accounting tricks,” the Weinstein‘s bilked him out of $3 million. It is presumed that with the newly found revenue, Moore would purchase 100,000 baseball caps at $10 each, 25,000 poorly-fitting polo shirts at $40 apiece, with the remaining restitution being used to buy a bunch of nylon Land’s End jackets.

Whatever the outcome, both parties involved are capable of blowing some serious hot air, so let’s hope they do the noble thing here and make the dispute at the same time both as personal and public as possible. I hope it gets reduced to both sides calling the other sides fat. (/Film)

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