Sure, Pixar's Cars was pretty good, but it could have stood to be a little more kick-ass and extreme. Enter: Monster Trucks starring Rob Lowe. In a twist that's amusing because it's so bizarre, the plot details of the live-action/animated-hybrid film are being kept under wraps.

Really? You're keeping the plot of an animated film called Monster Trucks a secret? Think knowing certain plot points will turn away audiences that otherwise would have paid $15 to see a movie called Monster Trucks that's done in the style of Space Jam and Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Ok. It's your movie, Paramount.

In keeping with that weirdness, the film has also cast Danny Glover, Barry Pepper, and Thomas Lennon, though it's unknown which, if any, of them will be voices or actual people-characters.

Anyway, MONSTER TRUCKS, coming May 29, 2015.