Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz has been silent thus far in the back-and-forth speculation on whether or not the cult favorite will find its way to the big screen. Until now.

While appearing on a panel alongside series executive producer and Hollywood's beloved ginger Ron Howard, he was asked about the status of the film. Hurwitz confirmed that it is happening and he will be directing. When pressed for more details, Hurwitz only commented that the script will feature "a heavy jail presence." So there you have it. Once again, not much substantial info. The stars haven't been contacted and the project doesn't appear on any production schedules. So let's reclassify this one from a "Maybe" to a "Strongish Maybe Kinda". Don't let this one linger in Production Limbo too long. It very well may be our last chance to see Scott Baio on the big screen. (The Playlist)