Mitch Hurwitz + Lars Von Trier Can’t Possibly Be A Bad Thing

Tuesday, February 22 by

Mitch Hurwitz, having decided that his string of failed sitcoms still represent too much popular support, has decided to direct and produce a remake of a film from the only person capable of making a less popular film in America than Hurwitz: Dutch director Lars Von Trier.

So what will happen when the juggernaut behind “Sit Down, Shut Up” and “Running Wilde” co-opts the laugh behind Dogville and Dancer in the Dark? Unprecedented popular acceptance, that’s what!

The project actually sounds pretty promising. The Boss of It All focuses on the owner of a company that pretends he has a boss above him so that he will not be held accountable for conveying bad news to his employees. However, when the owner sells the company, the purchasers would like to meet the “boss of it all.” Do you know what ensues then? That’s right. Hijinks.

The project has been in development for almost a year now, with no cast announced, but Hurwitz has always had a knack for casting, so those decisions will lie in good hands. What does this mean for the long-anticipated Arrested Development” movie that Hurwitz has been promising for almost two years now? I got some news for you. There isn’t going to be an “Arrested Development” movie. Maybe your children’s children will see one in which we get a cryogenically frozen David Cross and a 67 year-old Michael Cera still playing an aloof, befuddled teenager, but that’s as close as we’ll get in our lifetime. And that’s a guarantee.*(The Wrap)

*I’m hoping this reverse jinx works and we get an announcement tomorrow that the “AD” movie has been greenlit and all parties are on board.

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