By "old" in that headline regarding the next Mission: Impossible, I didn't mean that to be read as "elderly," but rather "familiar." And by "new" I wasn't implying that an infant would be getting a starring role (though that would be very interesting). but it just so happens that the familiar actor is "old"(er) and the unfamiliar one is younger.

So I have no idea what I'm saying. The "old" is Alec Baldwin, who, despite his interest in the returning to TV, has signed on to play the head of the CIA, hopefully in the same fashion he player a state police bureaucrat in The Departed. And Rebecca Ferguson, who just recently made her English-language debut in The White Queen on the BBC.

Why does a woman named Rebecca Ferguson not speak English as a first language? Because was raised in Sweden.

She will be playing the lead opposite Cruise, but little else is known.