Earlier today, a spy for Ain't It Cool News reported that Tom Cruise is kicking around ideas for the next installment of Mission: Impossible.  He spilled the beans on the popular Japanese show "SMAP SMAP."  After spilling the beans, he apparently then baked a cake.   

I waited for this to turn out to be a segment for NBC's Howie Do It, but comedian Howie Mandel didn't come out to canned applause spliced in from an earlier joke, so we have to consider it as credible. 

But I think a fourth installment could actually kick all ass in the hands of the right director.  JJ Abrams pretty much proved that with M:I-III (pronounced "Mi-iiih!!!").  All it needs is the right bad guy.  (Too bad David Schwimmer and Marcel are signed on for Bond 23.)