Recently we reported that Superman movie producer Ilya Salkind -- who made the awesome General Zod-era films, not the shitty newer movie where Superman doesn't punch anyone -- went missing. He disappeared sometime between running errands and a dental appointment on a trip to Mexico. Thankfully, no one has to spin the Earth backwards and reverse time to solve this crisis.

The folks at TMZ (ugh) are now saying that Salkind has been found. After his friends filed a missing persons report with the Mexican police, launched a website and alerted intrepid Mexican reporter Luisa Lane, he was discovered alive in a Mexican hospital on Thursday. No word yet on what happened or any further details, other than that he's currently sedated. Our thoughts are with Salkind's friends and family. Meanwhile, I can't help but think this thing's got Luthor's fingerprints all over it. (Hollywood Reporter)