Two TV stars, Milo Ventimiglia of "Heroes" and Sarah Shahi of "The L Word" are apparently looking to expand their franchise potential into big screen movies. Their first step in this direction is set to be Static, a 3D thriller from music video director Todd Levin. It has the distinction of being one of the first low budget full-3D movies. How low? Less than $1 million, which is microscopic by Hollywood standards. There's actually a special 3D camera rig and everything designed specifically for low-budget projects like this.

Here's the plot synopsis, which will appear to pop off the screen if you're wearing your Screen Junkies 3D glasses* (*Screen Junkies 3D glasses do not actually exist):
"The movie is about a young couple, played by Ventimiglia and Shahi, on the verge of divorce after losing their child. Their world changes when a young visitor arrives, bringing supernatural implications to the household."

Ooooh, "supernatural implications." I think that could be a good title, if Static doesn't test well or something. (via The Wrap)