Mike White Gets No Pride, No Prejudice, No Zombies.

Wednesday, January 19 by

Like sands through the hourglass,so is the development of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It would appear that Mike White, the most recently announced helmer of the film, is out of contention due to previous commitments to HBO. His involvement was announced after A-lister David O. Russell walked away from the project, but not before purportedly leaving behind a really good script workup. Thanks, David!

White’s involvement was seen by some as too good to be true, as it would have been his first gig as a feature film director, and his sensibilities run a little more offbeat than the studios may have liked for such a tentpole release. Anyone who has seen Chuck & Buck can attest to how strange White can get. As an actor, anyway.

Since this news is being reported today, let’s talk about the rumors we can expect tomorrow. David Fincher to direct with Martin Scorcese supervising the script? Sure, we’ll take some of that. Baz Luhrman with an original score by Willie Nelson? Okay.

This may prove to be a blessing in disguise, as this movie requires not only the telling of two separate stories (Pride and Prejudice and a zombie invasion), but also a delicate hand in determining how this disparate concepts play together. Seeing as how internet buzz about this film is stratospheric, expect Lionsgate to get another name out there soon to keep this train from grinding to a halt. The first person to suggest Tim Burton will get punched in the crotch. (Deadline)

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