If you're one of the hip industry insiders who saw the pilot for the upcoming ABC drama Pan Am, you'll know that Mike Vogel (Blue Valentine) was nowhere to be found within its sturdy fuselage. But now, Vogel fans everywhere have a reason to watch a show about flight attendants: He's signed onto the series as "Dean ... the captain of the amazing new Pan Am clipper, the Majestic, living every man’s dream, exploring the world and leading the crew."

In the pilot, Dean was played by Jonah Lotan, but the role has been increased in size in light of Vogel's involvement. Vogel's joining Christina Ricci, Kellie Garner and Margot Robbie. And the Vogelites don't have to wait until this fall to see him in Pan Am, because he's going to be seen next in The Help. (Deadline)