The Wrestler is Darren Aronofsky’s latest film. It’s been getting incredible reviews at film fests. Mickey Rourke is said to do an amazing job at playing the part of an aging, emotionally wounded WWF-type, a role that has some similarities to his life. Here’s a little info.

Rourke is an interesting pick for a leading man. He climbed to the status of big Hollywood talent in the 80’s but quickly faded, refusing to take roles in movies that he saw as formulaic. He turned down parts in Beverly Hills Cop, Platoon, and Rain Man.  He even turned down Pulp Fiction when Tarantino approached him.  He took the craft of acting very seriously and was holding out for an epic role. It never came and things fizzled, until a few roles in recent years have been thrown his way, with Sin City at the forefront.

Clearly, Aronofsky had a vision with casting Rourke. This is what the director said when the two first met about The Wrestler:

You have to listen to everything I say.  You have to do everything I tell you.  You can never disrespect me.  And you can't be hanging out at the clubs all night long.  And I can't pay you. <_o3a_p>

To which Rourke responded, 

This fucker must be talented, because he's got a lot of nerve to say that.<_o3a_p>

Aronofsky supposedly told Rourke that if he did all of those things, he would get him an Oscar nomination. If this does happen, it will be a pretty amazing comeback story. It’s a real probability because these are the sorts of stories that Hollywood thrives on.

The Wrestler drops on December 19th.

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