More news from the Berlin Film Festival, which usually generates a lot of news about producers picking up scripts to be made into movies. And, as expected, we have a new bit of news that features America's Thespian Lenny Kravitz, some guy named Mickey Rourke, and Rosario Dawson. They have all 3 signed on to star in The Blind Bastard Club, which is about a group of sightless individuals “who live life on the edge… going to the shooting range, jumping out of planes, getting into fights in bars, and pretending they’re not blind.” This kind of reminds me of what me and my buddies used to do on the weekends - we'd go to bars and pretend TO be blind. Turns out that chicks are really into blind guys until they find out they're faking it.

The Blind Bastard Club is set to begin filming in Brazil, where Mr. Kravitz is apparently a huge star (the world's funny sometimes, huh?), and will be directed by Ash Baron-Cohen, cousin of the Borat guy. (via The Playlist)