Longing for the halcyon days of popping flashbulbs and excited fans that came hand-in-hand with his performance in Freejack, Mick Jagger has decided to get back into the film game. He's come up with a plot and hired A History of Violence writer Josh Olson to run it through his script-making brain machine. Tentatively titled, Tabloid, Jagger would play a disreputable international media mogul who seduces a young reporter into his world.

It's being categorized as an "adult thriller." Does this mean we'll see Mick Jagger imitating Richard Branson and then crawling around on top of an actress four times his junior? While I can admit it would be fun to see him playing Branson, I have no interest in seeing his 68-year old, nude, greyhound-like form. Maybe this film is a good excuse to return to the old method of just showing clothes on the floor before dissolving to breakfast. (Deadline)