Michelle Rodriguez is cashing in on her talent for terrifying the elderly.

The retirement community horror thriller, The Home, is headed into production this summer and Rodriguez confirms she'll probably take a part, revealing that her involvement is "more likely than not."

A Murderer's Row of old codgers -- Brian Cox, Cloris Leachman, Ed Asner -- have been rumored to be attached to the film but no official confirmations have been announced yet. The Home tells the story of an assisted living facility where the residents are terrorized by supernatural forces. The events are dismissed as the ramblings of elderly minds until an injured firefighter moves into the home and witnesses them firsthand.

Robert Rodriguez is producing the script written by movie blogger Eric Vespe. Wow. Really? There's hope for me yet. Time to put the finishing touches on my spec script about outer space ninjas rising up against a Galactus-like eater of worlds. I promise there's a role for Danny Trejo. (The Playlist)