Michael Shannon Considered To Play Superman’s Non-Luthor Enemy

Thursday, March 24 by

Michael Shannon is getting some heat here in Tinseltown (Hollywood). He’s rumored to be targeted as the villain in Zack Snyder‘s Superman reboot/remake/adaptation, after three other leads (Clark, Ma, and Pa Kent) have been filled by Henry Cavill, Diane Lane, and Kevin Costner, respectively.

Shannon has garnered attention for playing perhaps the most somber man ever captured on film in “Boardwalk Empire,” so it’s a safe bet that if he is to get the role of villain, that character will be humorless to say the least. It’s uncertain what villain will appear in Superman: Man of Steel, but speculation is that Snyder will stay away from the Lex Luthor route, as it harkens back too much to the less-ballyhooed reboot a few years back.

Based on Shannon’s”Boardwalk Empire” work, I think the natural move here is to create a fundamentalist Christian villain that self-flagellates, then spends found money on hookers and booze. That is to say, a flawed villain. (Deadline)

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