Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn is using the project as an opportunity to reunite with his muse, Michael Rooker. The Walking Dead actor has become a regular kinda-crooked scowling face in Gunn's projects so his casting here shouldn't come as a surprise. These two must be pretty tight. In Slither, Gunn dressed Rooker in heavy prosthetics to turn him into a boil-covered tentacle beast, and will presumably paint him blue with a red mohawk this time around.

Although the inclusion of the character is a surprise. Yondu was featured in the original 60's iteration of The Guardians, not the 2008 version that the film seemed to be drawing inspiration from. Yondu's comic storyline also involved his losing his right hand though there's no word if that will happen in the film. Between Merle's Walking Dead amputation and the Mallrats stink palm, let's hope that Michael Rooker's hand finally catches a break in Hollywood. (Deadline)