Director Michael Mann is no stranger to exciting true life stories - he did Public Enemies, about the career of and hunt for bank robber John Dillinger, The Insider, about the fight against Big Tobacco, and The Last of the Mohicans, about the last of the Mohicans. Now he's attached to another hopefully-exciting true story called Go Like Hell:
"Based on the book by A.J. Baime, story follows Henry Ford II — with the help of young automotive whiz Lee Iacocca and racing maven Carroll Shelby — as they set about reinventing the Ford Motor Co. by entering the high-stakes world of European car racing. In a handful of years they would develop the Ford GT40 (one of the most celebrated cars in automotive history) and become the first Americans to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans. "

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The idea of Michael Mann directing Le Mans racing action is enough to make me proverbially salivate. Actually, I might be literally salivating too. No information on casting, except for the rumor that Brad Pitt has been considered as the lead (Henry Ford II?). Hopefully, this will get made - Mann is just the person to handle this type of story. (Variety)