While he waits around for Steven Spielberg to clear awards season and want to play with giant robots again, Chris Hemsworth has found a new way to prove he hates computers. All kinds.

He's now set to star in an untitled thriller for Michael Mann that will also involve technology somehow. According to Variety, "plot details are unknown, other than that the film takes place in a world of cyber threats and attacks." My money has him fighting to stop a mutated version of the Y2K Bug before it leaves us all in the dark. I also predict there will be a scene where Chris Hemsworth will deliver the line, "Upload this," before stabbing the lead hacker bad guy in the neck with a USB dongle then lifting him above his head and throwing him down into the whirling machinery of the giant super computer. Should Michael Mann decide to not take the film in that direction, I'm wore than willing and available to get cracking on that script.