Magneto might be the Master of Magnetism, but Michael Fassbender is the Master of Teeth Gritting and Scrunching Up His Face. Look at him move something with his magnet-powers in this new still from X-Men: First Class below. It's clearly hard work, though James McAvoy as Professor X seems to think whatever Magneto's doing is kinda awkward. As if to say, "ha, okay Magneto. I said I want to build bridges and you're moving a bridge. So... let's put the bridge down and maybe hang out at the mansion? Not move stuff humans need?"

Here's another mutant leak, and I'm not referring to Nightcrawler's green piss. (I'm assuming he pisses green, though I really have no idea.) YouTubers are struggling to keep a not-yet-released TV spot for X-Men: First Class online, but Marvel and co. keep bringing it down. If the video is still up, you'll see a little new footage, plus the old footage you love, and a tagline saying there'll be a new trailer on the movie's Facebook. I wish I had the power to keep lawyers from tearing this off-line, but not even mighty Apocalypse can battle high-powered lawyers.