When it comes to super-hyped movies that haven't come out yet, Michael Fassbender is a king among actors (and men). He's got starring roles in X-Men: First Class and Ridley Scott's not-Aliens-but-yeah-Aliens film Prometheus. However, with all these crazy blockbuster sci-fi extravaganzas on his plate, it's probably nice to relax and play a regular old human art thief once in awhile.

Fassbender is in talks to join Danny Boyle’s thriller remake Trances. He would play the leader of a gang, who teams up with a low-level employee at an art auction house to plan a robbery. However, in true "Flintstones" fashion, the assistant guy gets hit in the head and wakes up with amnesia, which threatens the whole kooky scheme. It's a remake of a 2003 TV movie of the same name by British director Joe Ahearne.

Trances plans to film this fall, unless Boyle gets hit on the head or something. (Hollywood Reporter)