Punk rock hasn't spawned too many good movies. I can think of Control, the Ian Curtis biopic, and 24 Hour Party People. And hopefully the upcoming Good Vibrations, which will be directed by the duo of  Glenn Leyburn and Lisa Barros D’Sa, will be added to this list as well. Here's what it's all about, if you think you can handle this frontal assault on all the societal and aesthetic conventions you hold dear:
"'Good Vibrations,' which will focus on Belfast music legend Terri Hooley. Hooley founded the Good Vibrations record store on Belfast’s Great Victoria Street, from which a record label sprung, with bands like The Moondogs, The Shapes, Protex, The Outcasts and, most notably, The Undertones"

Hooley will be played by Richard Dormer. And Michael Fassbender, as part of his contractual obligation to appear in every movie, will be in it as well, along with Liam Cunningham. No word yet on who they're going to play, but there IS word on who's going to play the music: David Holmes, who also wrote the score for the fantastic film Hunger, also starring Michael Fassbender. And what's more punk than starving yourself to death in prison? (via The Playlist)