Michael Cera is in a new indie movie. Is your head trembling, unable to process that shocking news? Well, before your brain explodes, here's some more information:

Cera will star in Magic, Magic, an indie thriller about a group of friends on vacation to a quiet part of Chile. One of the girls loses her mind, and for some reason, all her friends ignore her. Actually, I guess that makes sense. There's a lot to do in remote Chile. You can go to the beach, hang out with your friends, ignore the one friend you obviously shouldn't. Anyway, no word yet on Cera's role, but it's sure to be a very different film from box office ba-bomb Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. For one thing, I assume Magic, Magic's use of video game iconography and the music from "Seinfeld" will be somewhat more modest.

If your brain just exploded, please use a cloth to wipe up the screen for the next person. Help keep this computer lab clean. (Variety)