Michael Bay Was Attacked With An Air Conditioner By An Extortionist On The Set Of ‘Transformers’ In Hong Kong

Thursday, October 17 by
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Having filmed in Texas, Arizona, Utah, Michigan, Illinois, and Washington, it was clearly time for Transformers 4: Marketing Opportunity to head to the Orient. However, when the production team started filming, they found that a few people weren’t as eager as Americans were to have Hollywood folks blow up their city.

Three men (or two brothers, depending on the report) walked on set and shook down the production team for about $15,000 US. When the staffers called the cops, one of the man, who according to this Paramount release was under the influence of narcotics, brandished an air conditioner as a weapon, then swung it at Michael Bay, causing Bay to fall down and slightly injure his face.

Production resumed with no further incident, though it’s possible would could see a revised final battle that has Transformers wielding giant window unit air conditioners against each other.

Still not going to see it, though.

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