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Michael Bay Wants to Terrorize Washington D.C.

Tuesday, June 8 by

Democracy in action.

Michael Bay has gotten it in his head to blow a whole bunch of crap up in our nation’s capitol for his little movie film Transformers 3. Washington D.C. loves that Bay is bringing money to the city by shooting on location there, but it’s not such big fan of his plans to stage a "car race" along the National Mall’s gravel paths and flood it with artificial light in order to shoot at night, and using simulated explosions and pyrotechnics at locations along Pennsylvania and Independence avenues. When President Obama heard the news he said, and I quote, "F*ck that sh*t. I need to sleep." 

Bay, however, doesn’t subscribe to "laws" or "cease and desist" orders. He plans on shooting in D.C. until the National Guard drags him out bicycle-kicking and screaming. A studio spokesperson told The Washington Post, "We’ve gone from two weeks to 10 days to three days to seven days." They’re working closely with Bay to further his understanding of time and the long hand on a watch. So far they’ve gotten to boom o’clock. (FilmSchoolRejects)


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