Movie titles rarely make me rethink my choice of career. However, after a bit of deliberation, I think I might give up whatever it is I do for a living and become a hauntrepreneur. I'm just imagining living in a high rise haunted mansion, surrounded by ectoplasm-covered money, a hot ghost girl on each arm. That in the American Scream Dream.

Paramount purchased the Scott Rosenberg (Con Air) spec script The Hauntrepreneur, and Michael Bay's horror production company Platinum Dunes will produce. The story centers around an unusual man who builds a haunted house for a troubled family, who aren't adjusting well to their new neighborhood. A haunted house is a great way to bring the family together. It's why so many family therapist vampires recommend them.

Platinum Dunes is in pre-production on McG's Ouija movie for Universal. (Hollywood Reporter)