Michael Bay To Do “Small” Film Next

Wednesday, June 29 by

You know Michael Bay backlash is a reality when even Michael Bay doesn’t want to do Michael Bay movies anymore. The director whose signature style can best be described as “exploding robot” is still set on moving on to the smaller crime flick Pain and Gain after destroying Chicago with giant toys.

The film is based on a news article (how un-Bay!) from 1998 that tells the story of a gang of body-building criminals. I guess the muscles could be CGI‘d. I mean, he’s gotta CGI SOMETHING. He couldn’t just go cold-turkey. That would kill him. The film would be made for $20 million, which Playlist comically points out is about 3 minutes of Transformers 3 budget.

It’s fashionable to trash Bay’s films, because frankly, they’ve been fairly brainless, big-budget summer fare. But considering he has never done a small-scale (or even particularly thoughtful) film, it will be borderline fascinating to see how he plays this. I think a good barometer will be his casting decisions; some no-name stars would go a long way to solidifying his efforts. That said, you know who would be good for this? Schwarzenegger.

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