Michael Bay DID Throw Mark Wahlberg A ‘Transformers’ Bone

Friday, November 9 by
On the set of 'Pain and Gain', Michael Bay's latest.  

A few days after pressure mounted from the Internet to put Mark Wahlberg in a Transformers movie (Really, Internet? You’re better than that.), it’s been announced that Mark Wahlberg will star in a new Transformers movie.

While the “Internet forces Michael Bay to Cast Mark Wahlberg” headline makes for a fun little news story, the fact is that Michael Bay just got done working on a much smaller film about criminal bodybuilders that starred Wahlberg, so Bay probably just wanted to work with him again.

Little does he know that Mark Wahlberg is the property of David O. Russell, and that if he wants to use someone from Pain and Gain in Transformers, The Rock is a plenty good fit, seeing as how he pretty much resembles a Transformer already.

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