Michael Bay Wants Mark Wahlberg, The Rock For ‘Pain And Gain’

Monday, December 5 by
Oh, man, if Eva Mendes was directing this film instead of Michael Bay, this picture would be PERFECT! 

If you’re looking for actors to play funny meatheads, you could do a lot worse than pursuing Mark Wahlberg and The Rock, both of whom Michael Bay is courting to star in his labor-of-love project Pain and Gain. The film focuses on two bodybuilders who try their hands at criminal pursuits, with little success.

The Rock is, according to this Variety exclusive, close to signing on, while Wahlberg requires a little more work to fit this into his busy schedule. The film’s budget is supposedly about $20 million, so it will be interesting to see how the stars fit into that, considering the two of these guys could eclipse that number with just their salaries.

While Michael Bay is being courted for Transformers 4, it’s likely that he’ll get after this project next, regardless of whether he signs on for yet another installment of the toy franchise.

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