[post-album postid="215867" item="1"]Michael Bay is a filmmaker who cares. That's why he wants to ensure that your eyeballs see Transformers: Dark Of The Moon properly. He already knows that your brain can't even handle the awesome images he created so he' taken steps. What are those steps? Oh, he just re-invented 3D film-making is all.
"We want the best presentation possible. We have created a special version with extra sharpening, color and contrast. It is a superior look in the format. The brighter the image, the brain processes in a different way (sic) and the result sharpens and makes it more vibrant.

"We did many studies on the formats for presentation and I found this to be the best result."

It's reported that these brighter prints deliver almost twice the brightness of regular prints and will kick any dim projector's ass. They also give the projectionist testicular cancer and night terrors but, hey, you need eggs in your omelettes, people. The special brighter digital prints will go to about 2,000 theaters, all using the RealD 3D system. Remaining screens, including all RealD competitors, will run at standard brightness. If you choose to see it that way, you and your brain are on your own. Bay can only give you so much. (Variety)