Mia Wasikowska May Star In Chan-Wook Park’s ‘Stoker,’ Funny Name Lovers Rejoice

Thursday, January 27 by

Alice is going through the looking glass, and into the magical, shockingly violent, teeth-pulling world of director Chan-Wook Park (Oldboy). Last seen on his iPhone, shooting an entire feature film with it, Park and his people are negotiating with actress Mia Wasikowska (Alice In Wonderland) for her to star in his Fox Searchlight thriller Stoker. Yeah, if I was Park, I’d wanna stoke-her too.

Heyo, baddum-bum, winks.

The movie is about the “strange things” that occur when a young girl’s father dies and her long lost uncle moves back into her life. By “strange things,” I’m sure that includes lots and lots of murders, along with some graphic sex. And probably a few more murders in there. Park has a reputation to uphold.

Ridley & Tony Scott are producing with Michael Costigan, and Wentworth Miller (Prison Break) wrote the script under the name Ted Foulke. If you asked me whether Wentworth Miller or Ted Foulke was the pseudonym on the game show “Guess Which Name Is My Pseudonym,” I would have lost that year’s supply of Papa John’s Pizza. (Deadline)

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