Shana Feste has been tapped by Sony Pictures to write and direct a film adaptation of the Carolyn Turgeon book Mermaid: A Twist on the Classic Tale.

I expect this work to offer a twist on the classic mermaid tale that we all fell in love with as little boys, dreaming of one day becoming mer-men. Though it didn't happen to many of us, we take solace in knowing that we can revisit those halcyon days of dreaming that, one day, our legs would fuse together and we would wear clothing made entirely shells.

The film will be produced by Tobey Maguire's Material Pictures with Jenno Topping, the team behind Feste's Country Strong. I'm comfortable extrapolating Maguire's involvement to mean that he is and always has been an ENORMOUS fan of mermaids.

The source material focuses on a princess who offers herself to the prince of a rival kingdom for political reasons, only to discover that a mermaid has sacrificed everything to be with him for pure reasons. One can only hope there's a sea battle or something, as well.

Next up: casting decisions. Is there any chance that Anne Hathaway won't be on the shortlist for this one? She's a very handsome lady in shells. (Variety)