There's a screenwriter on the famously troubled Men in Black sequel who goes by the Earth name of "Mike Soccio." He apparently has a relationship with the movie's star (and screenwriter?), Will Smith, that dates all the way back to Smith's sitcom "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." I'll give you a minute to sing the theme song to yourself.

Anyway, the rub here is that the other people working on the MIB script didn't even know that Soccio was working on it, which is highly irregular and a possible violation of WGA rules. Here's Sony on Soccio's involvement with fellow screenwriter Etan Cohen:
"[Soccio] is a long-time and well-known collaborator on Will's projects ... [Soccio] was hired for minor on-set punch-up work during our initial production period while Etan was not on location. If any writer was unaware of his involvement, we regret that."

So basically, Soccio, a long-time collaborator with Will Smith, is working on the script for Men in Black 3, despite the fact that none of the other screenwriters seem to know who he is. If only they'd looked at his name: "Mike Soccio" is an anagram for "Come To Uranus." Hurry, spread the word before your memory gets erased, like in that movie Total Recall. (The Hollywood Reporter)