Every day, women around the world are demanding a film adaptation of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. Since it was published in 1992, there have been no romantic comedies dealing with the many differences between men and women. It's a Hollywood taboo to point out that men aren't in touch with their emotions and women might be attracted to the handsome douchebag, but Mr. Right is really the nice guy you've been working with at the lawfirm this entire time. Finally, Hollywood's gender issues wall will come tumbling down.

Summit "Twilight Forever" Entertainment hired the writer/director team of Harry Elfont and Deborah Kaplan (Leap Year, Made of Honor) to adapt John Gray's book into what's sure to be yet another unwatchable romantic comedy. It probably won't even be a bromantic comedy. Or a blowmantic comedy, which is like a romantic comedy, only with 2 or 3 awesome BJ scenes. I guess that could also be referring to a romantic comedy about cocaine. No matter how you alter the words of the genre, this has "steer clear" written all over it. I'm giving it no stars, and it hasn't even been written yet. (Deadline)