Mel Gibson is Renting a Mexican Prison

Monday, December 7 by


Mexican Governer Fidel Herrerra is emptying out a large section of a Veracruz prison to make room for Mel Gibson. The actor is said to be shooting a large production though there is no word on what the project will be. My fingers are perma-crossed that we’ll finally see a big budget remake of the girls-in-sexy-jail classic Caged Heat.

The Governer refers to Gibson as his friend, probably due to the fact that since shooting Apocalypto in Veracruz, Gibson has also donated $1 million to replace storm-damaged homes in the area. A few years ago I would view this as a thoughtful act of charity. Nowadays I’m not so quick to trust Gibson, and now he has the Mexican government in his pocket. What is he planning? (THR)


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