Mel Gibson's parents must really be worried about him. Between the drinking, the anti-Semitic slurs, that beaver puppet, and this latest news, it might be time for some kind of dramati intervention.

The news in question is that Gibson has joined up with a heist comedy directed by Brad Mirman entitled Sleight of Hand which is also set to star Kiefer Sutherland, Gerard Depardieu, Thomas Jane, and Jon Lovitz, all of whom I guess could jump off a bridge and Mel Gibson would too. Here's the plot synopsis, which will make all of Mel Gibson's loved ones feel sad:
"[A] crew of small time crooks in Paris, who end up possessing a rare gold coin belonging to a notorious French gangster. The leader of the crew calls his uncle (Depardieu), a retired criminal, to help them raise the money to repay the gangster. The series of mix-ups and double crosses culminate as the gangs are pit face to face, chasing through Paris."

It's not clear yet exactly what Gibson's role in the movie will be, but it will undoubtedly feature the formerly nice young man being up to no good. (Variety)