The only celebrity couple worth giving a damn about, aside from maybe Amy Poehler and Will Arnett, are taking their talents to the big screen, as Nick Offerman and wife Megan Mullally both sign on for parts in Chris Nelson's upcoming Gay Dude.

Gay Dude follows two teenagers as they make a pact to help each other lose their virginity, only to discover that one of the two is gay. Gary Cole will play the gay boy's father, while Mullally will play his mom. Nick Offerman will play the other boy's father. Sounds promising, especially considering the talent playing the parents. It looks like they could steal the show from Nicholas Braun and Hunter Cope, who play the two teenagers.

While Mullally and Offerman probably won't be playing off each other much, given their characters, they'll do just fine on their own. So as long as we get some uncomfortable silences from Offerman and some wildly inappropriate remarks from Mullally, we'll be quite all right.