Megan Fox’s Stalker Finds A New Love

Thursday, January 13 by

Shhh… do you hear that? Over there in the crowd of on-lookers. It’s him. Megan Fox’s Flower Kid. He’s a little bit older and he’s upped his game, but that’s definitely him. Looks like he’s moved on from Megan and now has his sights set on Rachel McAdams. Which is absolute bullshit. I clearly saw her first.

No flower this time because c’mon, a full year and a half has passed and Flower Kid has bloomed into Flower Young Man. Flowers are the childish toys of children and hence must be put away. Though we’re sure he’ll always reserve a special place for Megan in his heart (and on the towel hidden beneath his bed), it is time to for new experiences. I fear what will happen if he is continually rebuffed. That’s how supervillians are born. Olivia Wilde would be wise to up her security. (Buzzfeed)

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