Megan Fox Wants To Star In ‘Carrie’? Um, Really?

Tuesday, May 24 by

When you think socially outcast teenage girl, you think Megan Fox. Oh, you don’t? Yeah, I don’t either. Nobody does, god willing…

However, the rumor is that Fox is lobbying to play Carrie in MGM and Screen Gem’s remake of the Stephen King classic. I like looking at Fox as much as the next guy, especially her boobs area, but that casting would be more horrifying than anything they could put on the screen. Never mind that Fox is 25, far from high school. Fox looks like the type of girl who would tease you into an eating disorder – not a bullying victim. Also, two words: Jennifer’s Body.

Another actress who apparently wants the role? Lindsay Lohan. *Knocks Head Against Wall* (ShowBizSpy)

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