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Peer pressure in high school can be a real bitch, so kudos to Megan Fox for devoting a few minutes of her time to talk about what can be done to combat it.  Granted, the only peer pressure she probably ever had to endure in high school was Michael Bay’s casting car wash, but Fox gives a no-holds-barred, uncensored and sure-fire approach for all the ladies out there who have to cope with the lascivious behavior of teenage boys… and if there’s one thing we learned about Fox during our coverage of JENNIFER’S BODY at Comic-Con, it’s that she’s best when uncensored. 

Enjoy.  And try not to get killed and eaten when school starts back up, guys.

JENNIFER’S BODY opens September 18th.  In the highly unlikely event that you didn’t have your eyes glued to the video, you can visit the film’s official site here.

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