[post-album postid="217265" item="1"]In case The Dictator's Sacha Baron Cohen's looks don't do it for you in the sex appeal department, he has recruited some help via a cameo from Megan Fox. And in the unlikely event that Ms. Fox doesn't do it for you, he called in the big guns with...John C. Reilly?

Ok, Reilly probably didn't make the cut due to his looks, but he's developed the comedic chops to join forces with the Borat juggernaut. Fox, on the other hand, has just begun wetting her beak in comedy with Friends with Kids and Judd Apatow's This Is Forty.

It's not known whether the stars will play themselves or the extent to which they will be featured in The Dictator, but a little Megan Fox is better than no Megan Fox. Ditto for Reilly, as he will no doubt play a great befuddled foil to most anything Cohen has up his sleeve. (THR)