You know how when you're sick, it can be like torture, but when you get better again, you quickly forget about how you were ever sick? That's kind of like Meg Ryan. When she's starring in a lot of terrible rom-coms that your girlfriend drags you to, it's torture. However, Ryan's recent films haven't even registered on my radar, and I kind of forgot she was a thing. Until now.

Looks like Ryan's gonna try being a grown-woman who acts like a 15-year-0ld trying to be cute behind the camera. She will helm Into The Beautiful (into the beautiful what?), one of those movies like The Big Chill where a bunch of friends reconnect after many years apart. It'll be part comedy, part drama, and 100% shot in Ryan's pattented Aborable-Vision.

Into The Beautiful was written by Anne Meredith (Cavedweller) and will be produced by Wendy Finerman (Th Devil Wears Prada). (Variety)