Have you ever been around a nerd when they are trying to be funny? It’s like being kicked in the balls by a level seven warlock dragon master. See? Geek and funny are a worthless combination. Which is why the genre of Sci-Fi comedy has been populated by cinematic failures (see Howard the Duck, Earth Girls are Easy, or The Adventures of Pluto Nash). In fact, the only successes are Spaceballs and Men in Black. Meet Dave just might put the nail in Eddie Murphy’s career. It is a movie about a spaceship…that looks like Eddie Murphy, that is piloted by…Eddie Murphy.  Seriously, you don’t want to meet Dave, not even if it is the last movie on the planet.

 Chicks to watch for?

 Elizabeth Banks

Gabrielle Union

Rating: PG

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox

Release date: 11/07/2008