[caption id="attachment_12959" align="alignnone" width="500" caption=""Whatsa matter, Eisner? You too good to wear all denim?""]


File this under "Ugh." McG and Breck Eisner are actually battling it out over who GETS to direct the big screen adaptation of Ouija. That's right. They're both willingly going out for the project. And they haven't been the only directors knocking down the studio doors. Both Sylvain White and Pierre Morel have tried to get their hands on the all-telling planchette. It led them straight to NO.

Let's remember, Oujia won't be a horror movie like an intelligent person would assume, but instead a big action-adventure flick not unlike Jumanji. Would McG or Eisner be a better choice for this kind of project? I say give the job to Eisner. I enjoyedThe Crazies and he has some experience directing action, even though it was doing Sahara. Also, he's not McG. (THR)