Thanks to twitter, we now get more updates about cinematic arcan faster than we could ever dare to dream.  Danny from Totally Rad Show brought this video to the Twittersphere's attention moments earlier.

It is a REAL trailer for a REAL movie from 2003 called Tiptoes, starring Matthew McConaughey, Kate Beckinsale and... well... originally when I started watching this trailer, I got about ten seconds through and, in complete jest, shot back a tweet to @DannyTRS saying 'Gary Oldman plays a convincing dwarf.'  But then I kept watching the trailer and here's the thing:

IT IS GARY F**KING OLDMAN AS A DWARF.  The real Gary Oldman.  Commissioner Gordon.  Dracula.  Sid Vicious.  Sirius Black.  That Gary Oldman.  I don't know how they did the effects, but holy crap.  Just watch this trailer after the jump.  It'll warm your heart, but then blow your mind.  Also, it starts out with a scene in which Kate Beckinsale offers to blow Matthew McConaughey, followed by some awesome rock music kicking in to intro the rest of the trailer.

Tiptoes Trailer - Watch more Funny Videos