What are they odds that Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon can get together and star in a film that is an actual drama? The film title is Mud. Really. It's not like This Love Has Taken Its Toll or ...Forever Hold Your Peace. The project is being written and directed by Jeff Nichols.

McConaughey will play a fugitive named Mud who befriends a weird 14 year-old kid (Tye Sheridan) that is hell-bent on seeing Mud escape the law, while Witherspoon will play Mud's love, with whom he is desperate to reunite. Variety is reporting the film to be a "coming-of-age drama" in the style of Stand by Me. Although it's not specified, I think the combo of these two and the fugitive storyline lead me to believe that this film just might take place in the South. Spitballin' here.

McConaughey is on a bit of an indie tear as of late, having wrapped on Bernie and Killer Joe and currently filming The Paperboy. Witherspoon is still doing a whole mess of mainstream studio stuff, but, hey, that's okay too.