We at Screen Junkies have just received word that Ben Affleck will be the next Batman. We know in our heart of hearts that the denizens of the Internet will take this news with grace and refrain from any sudden reactions pending more information and digestion.

HOWEVER, should anyone be mildly upset by this news, perhaps they can take solace in knowing that Batman could have been played by Josh Brolin, who pretty much acts like Batman in his day-to-day life, but would have been a pretty gruff Bruce Wayne.

Brolin told the Huffington Post that talks didn't get very far, as everyone agreed that he makes a far better Robin and contracted him for that role on the spot, not by having him sign a contract, but rather by tying a black mask around his face and slapping a haphazard "R" on his shirt and yelling, "Ha! Now you're Robin."