Mayans Be Damned: Sony Unveils Summer 2012 Release Schedule

Friday, February 25 by

Sony has tightened up their summer 2012 tentpole release schedule (it’s never too early), and here’s what they’re working with:

(Please remember all release dates subject to change as movie execs get into pissing contests)

  • Men in Black 3 – 3D (May 25th) The third installment of the Tommy Lee Jones/Will Smith family-friendly sci-fi series, also starring Josh Brolin.
  • I Hate You, Dad (June 22nd) Adam Sandler is Andy Samburg’s dad in this comedy. Expect lots of silly voices, hilarious rage, and maybe some ironic rapping.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man – 3D (July 3rd) Andrew Garfield‘s fills the shoes Tobey Maguire vacated in what will certainly be Sony’s most touted summer release.
  • Here Comes the Boom (July 27th) Kevin James is a biology teacher that does karate or some crap.
  • Total Recall (August 3rd) Colin Farrell plays the protagonist (Quaid) in this remake that shifts a bit from the story of the original. This film isn’t listed as 3D, but don’t rule it out.

While not an inspired slate of offerings from Sony, summer usually exists as a breeding ground for the familiar, so in 13 months, get ready to turn off the thinking cap and get mesmerized by the explosions and the fat guy falling over. (Deadline)

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