It's hard to believe that it's taken this long for Matthew McConaughey to be cast as a strip club owner, but the long wait is finally over. In Steven Soderbergh's upcoming male-stripper study Magic Mike, McConaughey will play the proprietor of the strip club in which Channing Tatum does his little catwalk on the runway as the titular character.

So we've got McConaughey running the club, Channing Tatum dancing in it, then we've got scrappy upstart Alex Pettyfer being taken under Tatum's wing. Is there really so much to learn about male stripping that you need to be taken under someone's wing? Just do some sit-ups, cover yourself in oil, then act like an asshole. That's it. Three things.

This film continues McConaughey's indie streak to five consecutive films, which I guess is a little impressive in its own right, but mostly it just makes me happy because it means he isn't in romantic comedies with J. Lo and or Sandra Bullock. (Variety)