You might now Matthew Fox from the popular TV show "Lost," about the island or whatever. Now, he's going to play a role that might provide an opportunity for him to knock one out of the park: An evil killer in the reboot of James Petterson's Alex Cross series I, Alex Cross. Here's a more involved description of the character:
"Fox plays Michael Sullivan, who kills both for money and thrills. He’s known as the Butcher of Sligo and shows why after Cross thwarts one of his killing attempts. Sullivan makes his retribution personal, by killing the  detective’s wife in gruesome fashion. Then it becomes a mano a mano battle between them."

Yikes! Cross, by the way, is being played by Tyler Perry, who up to this point is best known for wearing a dress and claiming to not be afraid of no po-po. Even if this movie is terrible, it will probably still be sort of interesting. (via Deadline)