You'll notice by the lack of "OMG's" and thousands of exclamation points that this news doesn't do for me what it should. That's because we all know deep down that the hoverboard won't work the way we want it to.

The Hoverboard has sat atop every movie buff's fictional toy wish list since its appearance in Back to the Future II in a chase scene between Marty McFly and Griff. In the film, it worked by hovering over land, but you couldn't propel over water just by kicking; you needed a power source.

The item will be released and manufactured, and while this article doesn't have a price associated with the toy, another site I visited said the price was $120, which seems too much for a skateboard, but not enough for a game-changer like an actual Hoverboard.

Props to Mattel for keeping the quirky, futuristic graphics on the deck. It's also said to make "whooshing sounds," which is great, but I think we'd all just prefer one that can fly, thank you.